Immunisation begins ….

Well sort of. After a very disorganised and frustrating start, delayed by some politics and publicity, we eventually got allocated our teams and stations. We were sent to a slum area on the outskirts of Bhewadi with a group of health care professionals. Even as we arrived at the hospital mothers, fathers and grandparents were … Continue reading Immunisation begins ….

Arrival in Bhewadi

After a few changes of plan we have arrived in Bhewadi were we will stay, but will be bused our to rural communities to do the Immunisations programme. There are local elections here this week and the Bhewadi NID has been postponed for a week. But at least we still get to achieve our goal … Continue reading Arrival in Bhewadi

Train to Delhi

We had another very busy last day in Amritsar. Visit to the Private school where Children from the slum areas are sponsored to go every day with all costs met. Their uniforms, stationary, food and play clothes are paid for. The children were very excited and happy to see us and performed some dances and … Continue reading Train to Delhi